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An important part of my work are installations, which tell the story of the collectivememory of a nation as opposed to an identity of an individual. Hair crochet piecesprevail, shown in space. The detail shown in the painting is part of the “site-specific”installation in space called “At home”, which is directed at the analysis of […]

My Works

My works of art strive to note unperceivable string that connects collective memory andidentity. My work is based on the connection of these two complex concepts; imagesthat, on the one hand, remind you of byzantine icons omnipresent in Serbian religioustradition, while on the other hand, with their static position, give impression of an army.An important […]

The attire in the heart and on the paintings.

In Venice, the exhibition “Identity” recently closed, featuring the works of three of our artists, as previously covered by “Vesti.” The exhibition garnered significant attention, and one of the three Serbian artists showcased was painter Ivana Bukovac. Born in Kruševac, married to Marko, an Italian with whom she has a son, she lives and creates […]