Paintings represents the main medium with whom Ivana express her artistic thought. Through her paintings mostly made by oil on canvas Ivana tries to make connection with the spectator to start an intimate dialogue.


From intricate crayons sketches to lifelike colored charcoals portraits, by her drawings Ivana tries to capture the essence of its subjects.


Installation made of hair speaks about the relationship between memory and the people who are part of it, strongly documented in the work created from intertwined hair of different individuals. Hair, commonly used to prove the identity of a given person, takes on the role of an identifier, which can be interpreted as a guardian of individuality of the individual as well as the memories associated with it. Therefore, by weaving the hair of different people, their identities are intertwined, and when combined, they lose their individual character and become part of a completely new collective identity, where individual experience becomes merely a memory suppressed in time.