Ivana Bukovac was born in Kruscevac, Serbia, in 1985. Her passion for painting was evident from her early years and grew steadily to the point where she left her hometown to attend an art high school, where she graduated with top honors.

After a stay in Venice, captivated by the cultural fervor surrounding the Academy of Fine Arts, the artist decided to leave her country to attend the university, choosing painting as her primary means of expression.

During her years at the Academy, she received various awards, the most significant of which was the acquisition prize following her participation in the 22nd collective exhibition of young artists at the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation.

The following year, she was awarded an artist’s studio at the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation, continuing her artistic research through oil painting, reflecting on the theme of identity in relation to the various aspects of her country’s folklore.

This was followed by various collaborations and exhibitions that saw her engaged both nationally and internationally, where female figures in traditional attire, represented in a paratactic position with fixed gazes on a world suspended in time, captivate the viewer’s attention, drawing them into an intimate dialogue where identities intertwine in a journey of memories evoked by elements of national costume folklore.

The concept of memory and identity becomes the main theme of her artistic reflection, exemplified not only through painting but also through sculpture and installation, in a continuous search for an intimate and Socratic relationship with the viewer.

In recent years, the artist has directed her artistic research towards the dreamlike and surreal reality seen as a demiurgic dimension in which elements of various natures converge to give rise to a narrative whose metaphysical nature induces the viewer to take part.


Personal Information

Born in Kruševac, Serbia on 10.04.1985.


In 2008 she graduated in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice.

She follows the master degree in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice on 2011.

Work and lives in Italy

Solo Exhibitions:

2022. Online exhibition , Marvelous Art Gallery , UK.
2015. Unamed, KC Grad Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia.
2015. Queen of Montenegro Gallery, Budva , Montenengro.
2015. Dvo Lično, City Gallery, Kotor, Montenengro.
2014. A secret connection, Kulturni Lavirint, Novi Sad, Serbia.
2013. Wall of Memories, curated by Ivanka Lazovic, Atrijum Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia.
2013. Identity and memory, curated by Gabriella Cimarosto, Library of Marghera, Venice.
2013. Plot, warps and identity , Centar Tian QI, Milan.
2011. At home curated by Saverio Simi de Burgis and Barbara Peci, SpazioOfficina “quarnaro”, Padua Italy.

Group exhibition:

2023. Identity, Palazzo Pisani Revedin , Venice, Italy.
2023. Festival Of Light,Montenegro: audiovisual presentation.
2023. Grant City of Novara, Castello di Novara, Italy
2022. Premio Iside, virtual exhibition , Benevento, Italy.
2022. We are the granddaughters of witches you couldn’t burn, online exhibition, Marvelous Art Gallery,UK.
2022. Festival Of Light,Montenegro: audiovisual presentation. Kotor, Montenegro.
2016. The Methodology of deconstruction of identity, City Gallery,
Belgrade, Serbia.
2015. Contents in Continents, Atelier 3+10 , Mestre, Venezia.
2014. Co Co Co Contemporary Contest, finalist, S. Pietro in Atrio, Como, Italy.
2014. Afrodable Art fair, Young artist , Milan , Italy.
2014. Art is female, Dom Omladine, Belgrade, Serbia curated by Blic žena.
2013. Number X, Chie Art Gallery, Milan, Italy.
2012. myDetour -Travel Notebooks edited by Moleskine, Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Venice, Italy.
2012. L’azur, Apollonian Halls of the Theater La Fenice, Venice, Italy.
Agimus Venice, In the cross, a tribute to Sofia Guabaiduluna, Apollonian Halls of the Theatrer La Fenice, Venice.
2012. Essai(y), exhibition of young artists, graduates of the academy of fine arts Venice, Magazzini del Sale 3, Venice.
2012. Fiorenza Sorbelli prize, exhibiton, Mondrian Suite Contemporary Space, Roma.
2012. Tian Qi Art Contest, Tian Qi Centar, Milan.
2011. “F” Workshop curated by Carlo Di Raco, Forte Marghera, Venice.
2011. Opera 2011 Atrelier Bevilacqua La Masa, curated by Stefano Coletto and Rachele D’Osualdo, Fondazione Spinola Banna, Poerino, Turin.
2010. Open Studios, curated by Stefano Coletto and Chiara Casarin, Palazzo Carminati, Venice, Italy.
2010“F” workshop curated by Carlo Di Raco, Magazzino 3,Magazzini del Sale, Venice, Italy.
Workshow, curated by Stefano Coletto and Chiara Casarin, Palazzetto Tito, Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Venice.
2010. Open Studios & Workshow, Complesso S.S.Cosma e Damiano, Giudeca, Venice, Italy.
2010. Nudisegni, curated by Annalisa Tornabene, Palazzetto Tito, Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Venice, Italy.


2023. Award City of Novara , Italy.
2012. Winner of the Sephora Award in cooperation with the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice in
2010.Assignee of a study achieved as a result of the notice of competition organized by the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation of Venice.
2010. Winner of the first prize of the painting competition “DarioMulitsch”, Palazzo Coronini Cronberg, Gorizia, Italy.

Articles :

2023. Traditional simbols, Vesti , Serbian Magazin for diaspora.
2023. RTS online , article about Identity exhibition.
2022. Marvelous Art Magazine UK, may issue.
2022. Goddessart Magazine , august issue.
2020. Blic žena, Serbia, march issue.
2014. Icom , Magazin of the International Council of Museums, Serbia.2013 . Articolo “In honor of traditional clothing“ Blic žena , Serbia .






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