"The Wall of Memory"


The individual Exhibition “The Wall of Memory”, 2013, Atrium Gallery, Belgrade City Library. 

"The first individual exhibition of the painter Ivana Bukovac in Serbia called “The Wall of Memory” was held in the Atrium Gallery in the Belgrade City Library, from September 23rd until October 10th, 2013. The author has exhibited her latest work consisting of frontally painted female portraits in picturesque traditional costumes, in distinctive and warm coloring, with perplexed facial expressions and static position, leaving the impression of an army and a nation.

Particular attention is paid to the clothes which is a significant cultural phenomenon, tied to the society as well as to the individual. At the same time it testifies about the elements of life through history. Traditional costume fits into the image of a particular area and represents one of the scopes of the national authorship. In paintings, traditional costume is artistically examined to the smallest detail, as one of distinctive features which determine ethnic identity of a person and its national affiliation.

Its function is to point to the social status, particular geographical area and an epoch. For this reason the traditional costume in female portraits gains the status of a uniform and reminds you of a rich Serbian tradition. Female characters are presented in traditional elegant clothes, richly decorated with embroidery and lace, with refined details seen on traditional costumes. The use of frontal female portrait reminds you of ancient icons from byzantine tradition presented in a modern way.

The concept of the exhibition is based on the connection of the collective memory and identity, and the return of the traditional elements which characterize a certain nation. A special segment of the exhibition presents hair crochet work, made from hair of different people, which express and symbolize the relationship between the memory and people who are part of it.”

Source: Ivanka Lazović, curator of Atrium Gallery, Belgrade City Library.