The Luxury of Serbian traditional costume

"We present ourselves and recognize each other with traditional costume. It is the witness of history, speaks of customs of a nation, area and epoch, and when the rich tradition such as Serbian is found on canvas, it sends us back in time and reminds us of who we are. The young painter, Ivana Bukovac, was born in Krusevac. She lives and works in Italy. She presented her work to the audience back home, for the first time with a series of portraits that show luxury, colorfulness and customs of Serbian people in the 19th and 20th century.

Nineteen paintings (oil on canvas) present women in traditional costumes. The still faces are decorated with colorful scarves, lace, embroidery, jewelry and details which indicate social class and geographical area.

When you live far away, you become nostalgic for your homeland. These portraits illustrate our collective memory, indicate the social status of a Serbian woman, as well as the culture and tradition we nurture, Ivana Bukovac explained. The exhibition will be open until October 10th . "


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